JPW Associates

Website Launch

In an increasingly competitive market, JPW realized a modern, responsive website was necessary to market their products and services effectively. The project was dual-faceted. Its primary objective was to improve functionality for existing customers, and then to accurately represent JPW in the online space. JPW attributes the completion of its website with the success of several ventures that immediately followed.

DAP Packaging

JPW introduced its premier access control system to the market and needed product packaging to emphasize its key features, specifications and value. This was accomplished through custom product packaging to ensure the product was protected during the transportation process.

Direct Mail

JPW, a certified Trimble partner was not satisfied with the assets provided by the manufacturer and wanted a unique, fresh design that would set them apart from their competitors. The custom Direct Mail piece that Haven designed was distributed to a targeted list of potential leads that resulted in a return on investment of 185% within the first 90 days of distribution.

Display Banner

JPW attended DistribuTech, the leading electric power transmission and distribution conference & exhibition event in February of 2015. Haven provided JPW with trade show display materials including a booth and display banner that provided attendees with a visual aid that encouraged them to enter the booth and engage with JPW team members.

“Our partnership with Haven has allowed JPW Associates to ensure brand consistency, increase brand equity and establish ourselves in the industry as the premier solutions provider for meter collection equipment.”

John Wristbridge
President, CEO