When Is It Time to Refresh My Website?

Many years ago, just having a website was enough to be a competitive force on the Internet. Today, businesses of all sizes must maintain an engaging website coupled with a strong digital marketing campaign in order to maintain a competitive edge and increase their share of the target market. However, despite whatever digital marketing methods you utilize to drive traffic to your site, the website is still the most important component of your online presence.

Why is My Website Important?

For many, your website is the first impression and interaction potential customers and clients will have with your brand. A website that is clean, easy-to-navigate, represents your brand well, and presents information in a clear, concise, and easy-to-find manner is essential to online success. Especially when you consider that more and more consumers are choosing to inform themselves about products and services online before actually making a purchase. In fact, research indicates that the vast majority (87%) of shoppers begin product searches on digital channels, which is up from 71% last year. 

In contrast, a website that looks dated, unprofessional, is hard-to navigate, is not mobile responsive, makes it difficult to find information, and is just not very user-friendly will drive visitors away. An outdated website also hurts search rankings, making it difficult for consumers to find you.

A customer journey, from discovering a company, learning about its products or services, and ultimately making a decision to purchase, usually involves interacting with your brand at least three times. This typically entails visits to your website, which is the landing point for all your digital marketing efforts.

Consider that visitors to your site will form an opinion of your site in less than a second, and will leave within 3 seconds if the impression is poor. If you are finding that website traffic is slow or diminishing, or your online conversions aren’t where you’d like them to be, it may be time to refresh your website.

Do I Need a New Site or Can I Just Revamp the Old One?

It depends. Consider the following when determining whether a refresh will suffice or a redo is necessary:

  • Is it mobile friendly? — Over 80% of visits to brand websites are done on mobile devices, and more than half of mobile traffic results in sales conversions. Today, having a responsive website that adjusts the screen size, orientation and layout of your website based on the device, is not a luxury, it is a necessity.
  • Is it search engine optimized? — No matter how good your site looks or how good your products and services are, without SEO, your site might never be found. Optimizing your SEO should be like taking your vitamins – just do it as part of a healthy online marketing routine.
  • Is it visually appealing? — Does it showcase your brand and look inviting? Does it look fresh and aesthetically pleasing? Does it follow the latest web design trends or is it dated?
  • Is it slow to load? — Consumers expect pages to load almost instantaneously. Slow-loading images and other components that slow down the site won’t be tolerated and will negatively affect your SEO results.
  • Is it easy to navigate? — Consumers expect to be able to find information quickly. If they can’t they will leave. It is important that websites follow tried-and-true best practices to ensure a user-friendly navigation experience and maximize leads.
  • Is your content informative and engaging? — If your content doesn’t resonate with your target customer base, there is no reason for them to stay on your site. Your website must provide the right information to the right target audience(s) at the right time in the sales cycle.

For more information on revamping or refreshing your website, contact Haven Media and Marketing. We have experts standing by to answer your questions and help get your website back on track.