Social Media Marketing World Insights

Social Media Examiner was one of the first publications on the scene for social. Since 2013, they’ve hosted Social Media Marketing World—a massive three-day conference in San Diego that over 40,000 marketers have attended, collectively. Among those marketers are our Director of Social Media, Brie Wristbridge, and Social Media Coordinator & Graphic Designer, Laura Rupprecht. They go every year to ensure that Haven Media & Marketing lives up to our promise to keep clients abreast and ahead of the latest trends. We’ll be posting a series of four blogs over the next two months to highlight what they learned.

YouTube and long form video may be the biggest opportunity of all

While short form and impermanent content like Instagram stories certainly have their place, humanity has lost no love whatsoever for high quality long-form video.

At the conference, it was reported that 57% of marketers use YouTube and use it well, but that means 43% are not using it and missing out on a world of opportunity. YouTube is the home for long form video. We’ve seen plenty of other social networks try to push long form video, but YouTube corners the market. It is the world’s second largest search engine with access to 95% of the population.

With this kind of weight, search engine optimization for YouTube may be just as—if not more—important to your brand versus Google or Bing. Browser plugins like Keywords Everywhere can help you tailor your content calendar around search volume, whether you’re tracking surges or hunting for low competition phrases.

More than search: video carries story

Consider that video, especially long form, is rich in both audio, visuals and potentially in narrative. There’s room to tell a story, to go beyond a 60 second spot. A consistent approach to building brand aiding narratives with long form video could have massive payouts. According to statistics compiled by Forbes:

“90% of user say that product videos are helpful in the decision process. After watching a video, 64% of users are more likely to buy a product. Video in email increases click through rates by 200% or more. Companies using video enjoy 41% more web traffic from search than non-users.”

Influencers with niche focuses, high output, and consistent content have gone from online hobbyists to millionaires with virtually no capital support to start. In theory, a brand with a decent budget could enjoy this success in multiples with the right strategy and understanding of the space (do not simply upload commercials).

Even if Internet stardom is more of a long-term pursuit, producing consistent content can have all sorts of positive effects along the way. Organic brand ambassadors (people who love your content and story) can develop at any stage of the journey, generating invaluable word-of-mouth.

No matter how you view it, long form video is winner in our books.