How Instagram Stories Could Revolutionize Your Business

Instagram is the fastest growing social media channel out there. With 500 million active users every day, Instagram is one of the most effective channels for building your brand and staying in front of your customers. More than 25 million businesses are on Instagram, and 200 million Instagram users actively visit a business profile every day.

Instagram is growing exponentially and has also introduced multiple types of posts. In this article, we will discuss the particular benefits of using Instagram stories and how they can revolutionize your marketing campaign.

What Is Different About Instagram Stories?
Instagram stories offer a unique way to increase your engagement. The difference between photo or video posts and stories is that stories give you the opportunity of posting more frequently and staying top-of-mind with your followers. Unlike photo and video posts, stories disappear from your profile, and from your followers’ feed, after 24 hours. This means that you can post stories more frequently without your followers feeling barraged by your content.

Increase Your Visibility
Instagram stories appear on your followers’ feeds differently than photo and video posts. Your Instagram stories are automatically posted at the top of your followers’ feeds with a colored ring, indicating that a new story has been published. This increases your visibility, keeping your business at the forefront of your followers’ feeds, as well as their minds.

Boost Your Creativity
Using Instagram stories along with your photo and video posts can help to diversify your content. While you typically want your photo and video posts to be high-quality and poignant, making a lasting impression on your customers and solidifying your brand, your Instagram stories can be more creative. Because Instagram stories are only visible for that 24-hour period, they allow you the freedom to experiment a little more with your content and discover what your customers find engaging.

Real-Time Marketing
There are not many channels that enable you to market to your customers in real time. Instagram stories and Instagram live are ideal ways to engage with your customers authentically and immediately. One particularly effective way of utilizing the real-time benefits of Instagram stories is to post a story during a live event, giving your customers a glimpse into the event and a chance to connect with you in the moment. Another option is to utilize Instagram’s live streaming feature, which enables you to interact face-to-face with your customers and enables them to feel like they are participating in something meaningful with you.

Diversify Your Content
Because of the unique format of Instagram stories, using this type of post can help you to diversify your content in some unique ways. In addition to live events, which we mentioned above, Instagram stories are also ideal for behind-the-scenes glimpses into your business operations, tutorials on how customers can use your products, or getting your followers’ direct feedback on a specific aspect of your business.

With creative freedom, a diversity of content, and an opportunity to engage with your customers in real time, Instagram stories provide a unique marketing channel that you should not miss! If you don’t know where to start, call the team at Haven—we are here to help you with every detail from strategy to execution.