How Combining Online and Offline Marketing Tactics Can Drive Success

Due to the sheer number of people on social media platforms (almost 45% of the world’s population), the rapid shift to online marketing makes sense. People are looking down at their phones and, for the most part, seeing content that has been curated for them based on a combination of their personal tastes and algorithmic recommendations. If you want to reach people, you must show up where they are. People spend a lot of time online, but they are also very much operating and making decisions in their everyday life offline. So how can you create a successful campaign with both online and offline tactics?

  1. Embrace the new era of marketing.

Paid social media campaigns are predicted to account for almost 13% of global ad spend at the beginning of the new decade. So, even though this provides a good means to get your brand in front of consumers, there’s so much competition for attention that it’s difficult to break through all the noise and predict whether they will act or retain information about your brand.

Maybe you’ve been running more paid social campaigns these past few years, but haven’t seen the results you’ve hoped for. Or perhaps you’ve been working with influencer agencies online, but haven’t seen a return on investment. We all know the power of the marketing mix. And while traditional marketing tactics can still help to generate new leads, a combination of offline and online marketing can be the recipe for achieving success.

  1. Deliver value to potential customers.

In the next decade, effective marketing campaigns will be the result of combining consumer’s digital life with their everyday experiences. Being able to show that you can provide value while simultaneously gaining consumer trust will require your brand to show up everywhere they are without feeling disruptive. Accomplishing this is a difficult task, but part of what makes the evolution of marketing so exciting.

  1. Focus on key markets.

So how do you run a campaign both offline and online? The first step is to focus on key markets. Choose places where your brand already has a strong presence, or where it’s looking to grow a presence. This can be the area where your brand is physically located (making it easier to do things such as in-store activations). Or better yet, take the data that you’ve accumulated from paid social campaigns and target a market that has proven responsive to your marketing efforts.

  1. Consider when people are open to ads

Once you’ve decided where you will focus, it’s time to think about what offline marketing efforts you can activate. People are processing ads throughout the day. This includes when they’re riding the train to and from work, when they go into their favorite coffee shop, or when they’re waiting at the nail salon. Consumers are generally more open to ads as they’re traveling or whenever they’re waiting in long lines. Think about places where people spend a lot of time idly waiting, or where they might be mentally available to receive new information. This could be when they’re going out to dinner, checking into a hotel, or shopping. Try to find creative ways to share your brand in these spaces.

  1. Offer customers a gift or an exclusive discount.

Next, try offering potential customers a discount or a gift. People like to feel special, and the gesture will also help them to remember you. Running this type of campaign online by geo-targeting your ads will result in an offline conversion. For example, offering 50% off or a free week of service to first-time customers might entice many people who wouldn’t otherwise consider your product or service.

  1. Curate brand-themed events.

You should also consider arranging small events tailored to or aligned with your brand. This can be hosting in-store drinks, a talk (or panel) with someone who touches upon some of your company’s core values, or something unrelated but fun, such as live music performances. Getting people to engage offline will naturally help drive your online efforts because they will share your brand through their social networks, providing social proof that doesn’t come with a sponsored ad tag.

Need help brainstorming an offline/online marketing campaign that fits your brand’s objectives? Haven has years of expertise and the resources to assist you in executing effective marketing strategies that you can be proud of and that generate results.