AI: Important 2019 Breakthroughs and Expected 2020 Marketing Trends

Every year, it seems like artificial intelligence (AI) breaks through new boundaries, and 2019 was no exception. For instance, this year, engineers developed a way to control balance for tele-operated robots — an essential step toward allowing humanoids to perform high-impact work. Science Daily reports that a robotic device can now be used without a specialist kit or skills. And some machines or robots are now able to pass us humans in cyberspace.

2019 AI Breakthroughs

Natural Language and Reasoning

It’s been a big year in natural language processing (NLP), which is the technology that helps computers understand the natural language of humans. This year’s innovations include the following:

  • Google AI’s BERT and Transformer
  • Allen Institute’s ELMo
  • OpenAI’s Transformer
  • Microsoft’s MT-DNN

Microsoft ImageNet pre-trained models have drastically improved performance for multiple NLP processes, for example. ImageNet contains over 20,000 categories to draw from with thousands of words and images for machine learning.

Facial Recognition

Another area where AI has made significant progress is in facial recognition. Fujitsu claims that it can now track emotions using facial recognition technology. AI-based technology tracks expression changes that indicate confusion or nervousness. Microsoft uses emotion tools to interpret facial expression. This is based on eight states, including contempt, fear, anger, disgust, happiness, surprise, sadness or neutral.

Now that we’ve reviewed the highlights from 2019, let’s move on to anticipated trends for 2020.

2020 AI Predictions

According to Forbes, 53% of companies that use data analytics to make decisions are ready to implement or expand their use of artificial intelligence. Additionally, 29% of developers have dealt with AI/machine learning software in the past 12 months.

Your company may be ready to get started with AI or fine-tune your existing use of this technology. Here are some of the top trends expected in 2020 that will have a big impact on marketing based on leading journals, conversations with technology leaders and current research in the area.

Real-time Customer Interactions

Approximately 26% of marketers may use real-time management for marketing across channels. This means that when you log onto your laptop, smartphone or other devices, input will be updated almost instantaneously.

Improve Retention Using New Insights

AI marketing will allow businesses to improve customer retention. Going into the new year, you will probably see cases where AI is used to improve and expand the customer lifecycle. Whether you’re targeting first-time, active, defected or other customers, AI will be key to marketing in 2020.

Target New Audiences

Artificial intelligence already knows how to predict whether individuals will respond to certain offers. This is especially true if someone is already in its database. Self-learning algorithms can proactively detect new audiences using social media and target them for marketing purposes.

Advanced Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics uses data modeling, statistical models and data mining to forecast future outcomes. Using existing behavioral trends, predictive analytics sets rules and then uses algorithms to figure out the likelihood of various user responses.

Personalized Content

Combined with artificial intelligence, predictive analytics will become better at identifying trends and launching campaigns instantly inspired by user action. Proactive marketing is highly dependent on predictive analytics and this area has the potential to have more value than any other AI-related technology in the works.

AI has the capability to automate almost all your online processes. Already, over half of all marketers are currently using AI to reach target audiences, and you can expect this to reach a new peak in 2020. While the financial industry, insurance carriers and other businesses will continue to increase their dependence on AI, 2020 is likely to see huge strides in AI used to improve customer experience in marketing. To learn more, contact Haven Media & Marketing – your local marketing experts.