The 6 Most Anticipated Marketing Trends of 2018

As you look forward to the new year and develop your marketing plans, what marketing trends are essential for you to consider? Don’t miss the following trends, which are predicted to grow exponentially in 2018. (And it just so happens, these are all Haven’s areas of expertise!)

Video Content

According to Hubspot, 43% of customers say they want to see even more video content from companies they follow. Four out of five millennials say they consider video content when making a purchasing decision, and 4x as many consumers would rather watch a video than read about a product. If your content is going to be customer-centric, it must be video-centric.


The global AI chatbot market is expected to reach $1.23 billion by 2025. Chatbots are not only effective as liaisons between you and your customer, they can also be used to gather data on your customers. And since marketing is all about the big data, this is a tool you should consider implementing. How could AI help you more effectively reach your customers?

Voice Search Optimization

According to a Stone Temple study, more than 60% of people use voice search at home and 57.8% use voice search on their smart phone. Your content needs to be optimized in order to reach these customers—for example, use conversational, long-tail words instead of the short-tail keywords typically optimized for SEO.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing might seem like something only big-box brands can afford, but influencer marketing can be just as effective for small businesses. Take this year to gather data on your customers, learn who influences them and use that influence to your advantage.

Augmented Reality

Last year, Pokémon Go shook up the market with augmented reality. AR is technology that superimposes a computer-generated image on the user’s view of the real world. What does this mean for your business? Could you integrate AR technology on your social media platforms?

Social Media

According to one consumer study, Facebook and Instagram are the most engaging social media platforms. But having a social media profile is not enough—you need to be active and engage your audience.

For years, social marketers—Haven included—emphasized consistency and frequency in posting content across social media channels. But consistency is no longer enough, a point made clear by the Facebook newsfeed update announced on January 11th. Anticipating this type of change over the past year, Haven implemented a forward-thinking strategy for its clients’ social media, boosting all content to targeted audiences instead of depending on a 6% organic reach. This strategy placed Haven’s clients in a solid position in the wake of Facebook’s shifting newsfeed.

Don’t do it all on your own. Let Haven help you navigate the ever-changing waters of digital marketing and ensure you stay ahead of these trends and in front of your customers.