5 Tips for Building a Successful Email Marketing Campaign

Before we get into building your email marketing campaign, you may be wondering, is email marketing still worth it? Are your customers even opening your emails? It is true that some email marketing has not progressed with the times, but the statistics for email marketing remain overwhelmingly positive. In fact, email marketing has an average return on investment of 3,800%. That is a significantly higher return than most types of marketing.

So how can you get that type of return on your emails? Here are five key things to remember when creating your email marketing campaign. These tips will help keep you out of your customer’s spam and significantly increase your click rates and open rates.

Email is Visual
Your customers are visual. They want to see and experience your company and your products. Including video content in your email campaign can increase click rates by 300% and open rates by 19%. In general, videos of two minutes or less result in the most engagement, so keep it short and sweet.

Design for Mobile
If you haven’t adapted your email marketing for mobile, do it now. Last year, nearly 75% of businesses had already adapted their email campaigns to mobile design. The numbers show that most users are checking email on their smartphones and tablets—81% of people use their smartphones regularly for checking email, and 21% view their email regularly on a tablet.

Segment Your Campaign
We’ve said it before: your message to your customers needs to be personalized. You need to target them specifically. If you have multiple audiences, create multiple email campaigns to target each one. Segmented email marketing campaigns get nearly 15% more email opens and 60% more clicks when compared to non-segmented campaigns.

Humanize Your Content
Your content needs to be personal, and it also needs to be human. Consumers don’t want to interact with a cold, sterile company, they want to interact with you on a human level. They want to connect with your story in a deep and meaningful way.

Respect Personal Data
With the recent privacy breaches that have occurred on social media, it is now more important than ever to respect your customers’ personal data. This month, General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) changes will be enforced in European countries to protect consumers. These changes will affect all U.S.-based businesses that interact with European customers. Even if your clientele is U.S.-based, you still need to consider their privacy when using data collected from your email campaigns. Your customers won’t remain loyal if they don’t trust you.

It may seem easy to whip up an email blast about your new product, but next time you sit down to compose your message, remember that your email could give you a 3,800% return on your investment. Consult with the experts at Haven and take the time to ensure that your campaign is visually stunning, mobile-friendly, segmented, and humanized. And above all, respect your customers’ privacy.