4 Ways to Use Instagram to Grow Your Business!

No single platform in the last decade has altered the landscape of digital marketing quite like Instagram. It’s one of the most popular apps on our phones and we use it constantly to keep track of family, friends, celebrities, athletes, brands, and more. It’s also a very simple platform to use and one that, if used properly, can up your online exposure in a major way. Here are 4 ways to use Instagram to grow your business.

  1. Take Quality Pics

Our brains are wired to linger on visually pleasing things. When it comes to taking those pictures, keep in mind aspects of good photography: natural lighting, symmetry, positioning, and bold splashes of color. Consider using a similar rotation of filters for the photos you upload. A consistent editing style gives your feed a distinct look that followers will notice and begin to identify with your brand.

  1. Use Stories

Instagram’s story feature allows users to make their own compilation of still images and videos in a sequence for your followers to see. Stories are temporary, each new addition is accessible for 24 hours before it disappears. It’s a great tool for getting content uploaded quickly. You can use stories to show off new promotions, products, and services, make announcements, or simply to introduce your followers to the more human side of your offices, introducting team members, or showing off their work in spontaneous and creative ways.

  1. Build Partnerships with Influencers

People with who have amassed large audiences in a given field can be referred to as “Influencers” for their ability to use their platform on Instagram to direct their followers toward a specific good or service. With followers numbering in the thousands to millions, notable Influencers can have as significant an impact through marketing as the biggest ad agencies. Working with Influencers who feature your content in their posts is a great way to get exposure to huge numbers of people who might not otherwise know about your brand or business.

  1. Community Engagement

People who believe strongly in a brand are as big an advocate to your marketing strategy as anything else. If you have a dedicated following and people are willing to voice their opinions on Instagram, it’s important to find ways to involve them directly. Ask for feedback in your posts. Like and respond to comments. Do raffles and giveaways. There are a number of ways to interact with followers on Instagram and it doesn’t take much to leave a lasting impression, so be creative in doing so!